A Day with Caroline Borders

A Day with Caroline Borders

Welcome to A Day With, a series that walks us through a day in the life of a woman I'm inspired by (and know you'll be inspired by too!). While each of our lives may look very different, I believe there is so much to learn from the ways we each juggle, prioritize, and soak in the joy and beauty of each day. 

I was first introduced to Caroline Borders through her creative work. Even if you don't yet know her name or face, I bet you too have admired her collages and styling work for fabulous brands like The Avenue, Julia Amory, J. Lowery, and many more. We met IRL over glasses of bubbly at The Southern C Summit earlier this year, and ever since, Caroline has quickly become one of my favorite follows for impeccable (but approachable) style and perfectly curated finds. Enjoy this peek into a day in her life—our Catherine Loafers in Copper on her feet and her adorable GSP by her side.

Tell us a little about yourself! Where do you live and what do you do?

I live in Birmingham, Alabama with my husband of seven years, Brett, and our beloved dog, Jake. By day, I am a style director for a residential design and interiors firm. I also collaborate with various brands on the side, enhancing their marketing efforts through graphic design and styling. I delight in creating, whether it be through lifestyle, interiors, or entertaining.

What is one of your favorite moments of every day?

I cherish the collaborative moments with others as much as the quiet ones alone. Starting the day with alone time energizes me to be creative throughout the day.

What is one thing that brings you the confidence to take on whatever the day holds?

I find peace knowing the Lord goes before me and fights on my behalf. 

How do you stay connected with your family and friends throughout the day?

My phone! You can’t beat a good phone call. The older I become, the more I feel connected hearing a friend or loved one's voice on the other end. My texting ability is either in the moment or hours later. 

What are three things that you make sure are part of every day?

Prayer, a good latte, and meaningful conversations.

Which Maylis shoes are your favorites for daily wear and what do you most frequently pair them with?

The Catherine Loafer in Copper Suede is the perfect everyday shoe for fall. The scalloped detail makes them feel elevated and effortless. Whether I am pairing them with a dress or jeans and a blazer on the go, they have proven to be the most versatile loafer, taking me from day to night.

A Day with Caroline

7:00 Alarm goes off, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t hit the snooze button for another 30 minutes. I am a night owl versus an early bird! 

7:30 I slowly start my day with quiet time (Jake and I have a standing date), breakfast, and The Today Show playing in the background.

8:30 Head out for the work day! More often than not, you can find me at my favorite neighborhood coffee shop, Church Street, on my way into work. I have been fully embracing their fall menu. If you ever find yourself in Birmingham, you must try their soy chai latte and pumpkin loaf. 

9:00 Arrive at Douglas C Davis and Associates, a residential design and interiors firm, where I work as a Style Director. On any given day, you might find me collaborating with the other designers on client projects, traveling to job sites for presentations or meetings, sourcing furniture and textiles for future concepts, or creating social media content for our online shop, DCD Mercantile. The variety makes every day fresh and exciting!

1:00 I am usually late to the lunch hour and grab something quick from the quaint cafe, Continental Bakery, across the street from our English Village office. I eat like a kid for lunch and an adult for dinner. I never tire of a good PB&J (always tastes better when someone else makes it!) and a bag of chips.

5:00 Head home for the evening! Oftentimes, I make a pit stop at the grocery to grab ingredients for supper. 

5:30 My husband and I like to unwind from the day by sitting in our front yard with Jake. I typically use this time to catch up on e-mails or content creation for myself or other brands I am collaborating with that week.

6:30 Brett and I enjoy spending time together and recapping our days while cooking. Fall is my favorite time to be in the kitchen because it means soup weather. You can’t go wrong with any of the Half Baked Harvest recipes, but this one has been our recent favorite.

8:00 After cleaning up the kitchen (admittedly, Brett does this more than I do), we take Jake for a loop around the neighborhood.

8:30 Get ready for bed.

9:00 Goodnight to Brett! As for me, I stay up later, being a night owl. I find that my best ideas flow after 9:00. Most decompress with a book; I, on the other hand, lean into my computer and create—collages, story templates, vision boards for styling, etc.

10:45 Nothing good happens after midnight (or in my case, 10:45). I sign off my computer for the night and fall asleep to something mindless (Gilmore Girls or a Nancy Meyers movie)!

Where can we follow along with you online?

Thanks for asking! You can follow along and connect with me on Instagram or e-mail (carolinecborders@gmail.com).


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