The Classics Collection

Discover our debut styles in the Classics Collection—our core silhouettes brought to life in a palette of elegant neutrals (with a touch of our signature blue). Timeless, feminine, and understated, these are the shoes you’ll reach for daily for years to come.

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Drawing inspiration from Southern porches, Parisian architecture, and vintage magazine covers (cue “Favorite Things”), we combed through hundreds of swatches before landing on our signature color. Perfectly fresh, feminine, and classic, Maylis blue adds an understated touch of color to any look.


Rich and romantic, our cognac leather nods to Maylis’ Italian craftsmanship and the intersection of tradition with a modern perspective. Especially when presented in our luxurious nappa leathers, this warm brown, which is hinted with copper undertones, adds instant elegance to every ensemble.


Inspired by the swirl atop a freshly brewed cappuccino, the sumptuous knit blanket draping a favorite chair, and the dog-eared pages of a beloved book, Creme is our quintessential pale neutral. This comforting shade feels both crisp and cozy, effortlessly transcending seasons.