Shoe Care

With a little bit of care, your Maylis shoes can remain in beautiful condition for years to come.

Learn tips and tricks for keeping your shoes looking their best below.


Calfskin nappa leather

The Sadie Ballerina, The Catherine Loafer, The Ella Heel

Before wear, consider spraying with an all-season leather protector. Nappa leather is very porous, so we highly recommend avoiding exposure to water as much as possible. If your shoes do become wet, allow them to dry fully before wearing them again. Spot clean with a soft, lint-free cloth, very lightly dampened if needed.



The Catherine Loafer

Before wear, consider spraying with a suede protectant spray. Spot clean regularly with a suede eraser to remove dirt or marks and then brush with a suede brush. To keep the material looking its best, avoid excessive exposure to water.



The Rita Mule

Before wear, consider spraying with a linen protectant spray. Spot clean with a fabric stain remover or a small amount of clear detergent and warm water.


Once a year (or as needed), we recommend bringing your shoes to a cobbler to be professionally refurbished. This is the most effective way to ensure they will look and perform their best year after year.