A Day with Molly Basile

A Day with Molly Basile

Welcome to A Day With, a series that walks us through a day in the life of a woman I'm inspired by (and know you'll be inspired by too!). While each of our lives may look very different, there is so much to learn from the ways we each juggle, prioritize, and soak in the joy and beauty of each day. 

Is there anything better than stepping into a space that feels unique and beautifully curated, but also cozy and welcoming? For Charleston-area residents in search of that elusive balance, Molly of Molly Basile Interiors is who they turn to. I fell head over heels for Molly's traditional-with-a-twist aesthetic after meeting her in Charleston last year, and ever since, I have been continually inspired by the way she uses patterns, playful color palettes, and charming accessories throughout her work. Considering Molly's masterful use of color, I was excited to see her drawn to the Sadie Ballerina in Magnolia—perhaps our most classic silhouette in our most bold material. If you too are balancing a career you're passionate about with family, friendships, and self-care, I know you'll love this peek into Molly's days as much as I did!

Tell us a little about yourself! Where do you live and what do you do? 

I’m Molly Basile, founder and lead designer of Molly Basile Interiors, a full-service interior design firm. I live in Charleston, SC with my husband and two children. 

What is one of your favorite moments of every day?

Mornings in our design studio are always a favorite part of my day. I am energized and excited to come to the office and collaborate with my team on the many projects we have in the works.

What is one thing that brings you the confidence to take on whatever the day holds?

I start the day with an early morning workout, either a 5:30 A.M. hot yoga class or a Peloton ride. This time to myself before the hustle and bustle energizes me for the day.

How do you stay connected with your family and friends throughout the day?

Social media, texting, and phone calls. We love FaceTiming with our family in the evenings. I always make time with girlfriends a priority, whether that's a quick lunch date, coffee, or happy hour during the week. 

What are three things that you make sure are part of every day?

Coffee, quality time with my children, and exercise.

Which Maylis shoes are your favorites for daily wear and what do you most frequently pair them with?

The Sadie Ballerina is the perfect classic ballet flat that can take me from the office, to a park play date or dinner out. I love the bold Magnolia color and the subtle, feminine bow detail. 

A Day with Molly

5:15 Wake up and have a quick cup of coffee before heading out the door to a workout class. 

7:00 Shower, make breakfast, and get myself and my kids ready for the day. This is also when I try to jump on social media and post any new content. 

9:00 In the studio. Every day is a little different and can consist of site visits, collaborating with my team on projects, client meetings or presentations, product or fabric sourcing, or even bookkeeping. Our studio is open for shopping, so we also get occasional visitors, which I love! 

12:00 Lunch break! I typically grab a quick sandwich at one of my favorite spots near our office, Square Onion or Maddex Mercantile, and then head back to work. 

4:00 School pick-up and home for the evening with my son and daughter. We typically spend this time of day outside, whether that's swinging in the front yard, stopping by our farmer’s market on Tuesday evenings, or going to the park before dinner. 

6:00 Dinner with my family, followed by baths and bedtime for my kids.

8:00 Catch up with my husband, watch some TV, and usually respond to emails or review items that need wrapping up from the work day.

10:00 Bedtime! 

Where can we follow along with you online?

I love to stay connected on Instagram @mollybasileinteriors and you can see more of our work on our website.



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