A Day with Tessa Ercoli

A Day with Tessa Ercoli

Welcome to A Day With, a series that walks us through a day in the life of a woman I'm inspired by (and know you'll be inspired by too!). While each of our lives may look very different, I believe there is so much to learn from the ways we each juggle, prioritize, and soak in the joy and beauty of each day. 

I first met Tessa Ercoli last fall, at the home where I was doing a pop-up shop. She was the first to arrive and breezed into the door with an exquisite charcuterie board in hand...and if that isn't the best first impression for a soon-to-be friend, I'm not sure what is! I loved chatting with Tessa about her move to Charleston, her family, and, of course, about Docent, the online art platform she launched last year.

Since that October evening, I have gotten to know Tessa more, from hearing her entrepreneurial story on one of my favorite podcasts, Motherhood Designed, to co-hosting a sip and shop event with her and Beau & Ro this spring. A few of the incredible local artists who work with Tessa stopped by to show their support, further affirming what I already suspected—people and relationships are at the heart of all of Tessa's work. I could hardly wait to peek into her day and find out out what fills her cup so that she can pour so beautifully into others. 

Tell us a little about yourself! Where do you live and what do you do?

Hi! I’m Tessa Ercoli, the founder of Docent, an art consultancy and online artist collective that modernizes and simplifies how we shop for art. I live in Charleston, SC with my husband and two daughters. 

What is one of your favorite moments of every day?

I love early mornings. My kids are early risers, but I like waking up when the house is still quiet so I can enjoy a cup of coffee and have those first few moments of the day to myself. 

What is one thing that brings you the confidence to take on whatever the day holds?

Starting the day with a workout! Most weekday mornings, I’m out to a 6 A.M. fitness class and it’s my favorite way to start the day strong.  

How do you stay connected with your family and friends throughout the day?

Texting, phone calls, and social media. Since moving to Charleston, I’m no longer a quick car ride away from family, so FaceTime has become very important! 

What are three things that you make sure are part of every day?

Moving my body, spending some quality time with my kids and husband, and getting outside. 

Which Maylis shoes are your favorites for daily wear and what do you most frequently pair them with?

The Catherine Loafer (in every color!). I’m a jeans girl, so I love pairing them with tried and true denim. 

A Day with Tessa

5:15 Wake up and have a cup of coffee. Head to a workout class.

7:00 Shower, get dressed, and get my kids ready and out the door for school. 

9:00 Desk time for Docent. I’ll respond to emails and work on new inventory, payroll, social media…the list goes on!

12:00 I usually like to get out of the house around this time, whether it’s for a lunch date with a girlfriend or a quick walk through the neighborhood while listening to a podcast.

1:30 Back to work! 

3:00 Pick up my kids from school. We’ll head to a playground, go to the beach, or run errands, depending on the day! 

5:00 Dinner at home with my family

8:00 Some relaxing with my husband at home

Where can we follow along with you online?

Shopdocent.com, @shopdocent on Instagram and TikTok 


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