What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Classic, elegant inspiration for what to wear to a summer wedding, all paired with the most comfortable block heel, the Maylis Ella Heel.

Allow me to share a tale of two weddings. The first: my cousin's summer celebration—the first wedding we were attending with two kids in tow. The second: a dear friend's New Year's Day 2022 wedding. 

Never one to dress down, no matter how long I may be carrying a toddler on my hip through cocktail hour, I wore a new pair of heels to my cousin's wedding. They were lovely, but even before I was finished with my first spicy margarita signature cocktail, I could feel my freshly pedicured toes begin to throb. My balance already a little off-kilter (due to adorementioned toddler), I tried my best to shift my weight around my foot to relieve the pain. Nothing seemed to help...and the longer I stood chatting with relatives, the worse it felt. I loosened the straps under the table during dinner, but much to my chagrin, knew it wasn't helping. I barely make it through two songs on the dance floor (after all, 31 is far past an acceptable age to go barefoot at a wedding). 

Fast forward a few months—plus a pencil sketch turned into a gorgeous sample of the heel I had wished for back in July—to January 1. My husband and I got dressed up for the wedding of one of our very best friends. This time, I reached for my then-unnamed Ella Heels. It was actually my second wear in 24 hours, since the night prior had held a lively, full-dance-floor rehearsal after-party to ring in 2022. I knew two back-to-back nights in the same heels was a little risky, but I was determined to put these to the test, and what better opportunity? 

Well, perhaps it was the joy of seeing this friend marry the love of his life, after nearly a decade of wondering who he would end up with (because I always knew she would be amazing and I would want to be friends with her). Maybe it was the champagne. Maybe it was the now-out-of-town friends that were part of every weekend in our newlywed days that we got to reunite with. But I don't think I have ever danced as much at a wedding besides my own.

I like to think that maybe it was the shoes.

Naturally, I can't recommend our Ella Heel highly enough for your summer wedding shoe needs. But, in case you're looking for wedding guest outfit ideas to go with them, I've rounded up a few current favorites below!

 summer wedding guest outfits with the Maylis Ella Heel

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