Behind the Scenes of our Classics Collection Shoot

Behind the Scenes of our Classics Collection Shoot

Come behind the scenes of the Maylis Classics Collection photo shoot to see how we captured the beautiful images you see all across our website!

Over the past year and a half since I came up with the idea for Maylis, a few moments stand out as especially memorable. One of those days was our Classics Collection photo shoot, a balmy June day here in Raleigh, North Carolina. After rescheduling the shoot three times while we waited on our shoes to arrive stateside, I had started to feel as though it would never come together...making it all the sweeter when it finally did! 

Our team of ten gathered at Heights House, a gorgeous Italianate mansion from the 1800s that was recently restored and transformed into a magnificent boutique hotel. The property's blend of Italian design and Southern sensibility felt like the most fitting backdrop for Maylis—I'm so grateful to have it right down the road! Our team included Ally and Bobby Willix, our talented photographers, Mena Garcia, who gussied up our models so beautifully, and three dear friends who were on hand to help with dressing the models, keeping props organized, and capturing videos along the way: Emily Thomas, Kristin Winchester, and Stephanie Shaner. Our three models, Sara, Alyssa, and Mariah, are beautiful friends of the brand who showed up with the most wonderful attitudes and winning smiles.

While the models got dressed, Ally and Bobby and I got to work on the product images, set against some of the beautiful textures found around Heights House. Once everyone was ready, the day rapidly picked up its pace—we had so much to shoot in the short window of time between hotel guest checkout and check-in! Everyone truly gave the day their all as we captured every style in every color, plus a few group shots to show off all the heels, our custom Maylis blue styles, and a more casual look. A few of my favorite fellow Southern women-owned brands, including Pearl Lela Rose, Noble 31, and Susan Shaw, graciously lent pieces for the models to wear throughout the day.

I am so thankful for the hard work and creativity everyone on our team poured into this amazing day. It will be hard to top it at our upcoming fall shoot, but we are certainly going to try! To see some of my favorite images, head to the Classics Collection page.


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